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Lightwater Valley Review and Photos

Lightwater Valley
North Stainley
North Yorkshire

Lightwater Valley was born, really by accident. In 1969 a small pick your own farm opened on the land which now makes up Lightwater Valley. All was well until 1976 when a sweltering summer with temperatures hitting 33 degrees centigrade made the fruit crop fail and the owner, Robert Staveley, look into ways of protecting his income in future years.

Digging out a large lake to store water, the farm quickly found that visitors wanted to swim and play in the lake, so put some boats on there, and charged people to use the facilities.

Soon the park started to become popular, and throughout the 1970ís support attractions were built such as the Fort William play area.

The 1980ís saw the start of the full transition from farm to theme park with the addition of some small rides, a miniature train, Toad Hole and the Rat Ride.

The 1990ís saw the likes of the Ultimate which brought the park into prominence, and still holds a record as the longest roller coaster in Europe.

Today the park is quite a small place with a good selection of rides, ranging from the white knuckle Ultimate and Raptor Attack to family rides such as the Wild River Rapids and Falls of Terror and then smaller childrenís rides which delight youngsters.

Lightwater Valley is one of the nicest parks in the country for customer service. The staff are all friendly, senior managers are at the gates welcoming visitors at the start of the day, and everybody in the park couldnít do more to help make your day that extra bit better.

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