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Adventure Island Review and Photos

Adventure Island
Western Esplanade

Adventure Island opened in 1976 under the name of Peter Pan’s Playground, occupying a small patch of land next to Southend Pier with a few funfair rides.

The park, cashing in on the seaside day visitor, expanded over the years, as its name changed to Peter Pan’s Adventure Island, and in 1995 simply Adventure Island.

The park first came to many people’s attention in 2007 with the installation of Rage, a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter roller coaster.

If you like bright colors, especially pink and yellow, this is the park for you! With most rides and buildings painted in bold colors, somehow it works – if it was anywhere else these rides would have more complaints than riders, but here it creates a charm……somehow!

I am a big fan of Adventure Island, their ride lineup, although sometimes a little fun fair-ish, is quite good. Dragons Claw, Scorpion, Skydrop, Rage….the list is long, but intertwined with the classic rides found everywhere is in-house built rides which more than stand up to the competition.

It is a park which is constantly changing, recently adding the long awaited Time Machine, an in-house built white knuckle ride which has been quite a few years in the making.

Car Parking

On Street, Pay and Display. Prices range from £1 per hour to all day for £10 - see the Southend-on-Sea Council website* for up to date information on car parking