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Double Pirate Ship at Wicksteed Park

1982 saw the introduction of something peculiar at Wicksteed Park. Everybody had seen a Pirate Ship ride, they are simple technology and been around for years, in fact the first recorded Pirate Ship dates back to the 1890’s. This one is different, it is two Pirate Ships linked into one single structure.

Built by now defunct Kallenkoop based in Holland, it never really took off, but it looks an impressive structure, its major fault is that it cannot run both sides at the same time otherwise the structure would physically ‘walk’ away, now as much as we would love to see that, I don’t think the stresses on the structure would do it too good.

Of course, it does mean though that while one ride is in operation the other can be loading, doubling the speed that you can get people onto it – so its not all bad.