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Merlin withdraw Membership as price increase looms for those with current passes

Published on:
September 2014

Prepare for price hikes in Merlin Membership after they have pulled the pass just as the theme park season starts.

We planned on buying into the Merlin Membership pass after being unable to afford the £468 it would cost us for a family of three. At £39.97 per month, we only need to visit an attraction once per month to ensure we are getting our monies worth, and with our son now 5 years old and becoming more and more of a fan of the parks, we saw it as a good move.

Looking at the Merlin Membership website on Friday planning to phone and buy one for use this weekend, we noticed that a message has appeared which reads:

Unfortunately Merlin Membership is currently unavailable. We are currently developing the product and hope to relaunch in the Spring.

This is obviously bad news for us, and sounds like bad news for those already having their passes as their price may increase pretty soon.

The terms and conditions of Merlin Membership are very long and indepth, but, if you dig through them you will find a clause in stating they can increase prices with a months notice, after your first 12 month period.

This was to be expected after Merlin Annual Passes increased in price in the new year, if you do the maths, it was cheaper to buy into Membership than it was to buy an Annual Pass, and we expect this to be correct, with a pound or two more per month for Membership come re-launch.

We have tried to get some idea from Merlin as to why they didn’t do the re-launch over closed season, and when they expect to have them back on sale, but at time of writing, they have refused to talk about it over the phone and haven’t answered any e-mail.