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Pleasure Island looks at Crowd Funding

Published on:
09 2014

Pleasure Island takes on Crowd Funding

Pleasure Island have stated today that they are trying to raise funds for a new ride in 2015, and they want to do this by going down the Crowd Funding route.

Pleasure Island have recently being on the One Show and director, Melanie Wood has stated that she has personally funded the recent years at the park to grow the park, and their additions over the last few years have certainly shown great improvements with a fantastic Ghost Train in the form of Shrieksville and also the new Farm area which is very well pulled off.

The park put out this statement today:

Dear valued customer,

We are excited to inform you that we are launching a very special promotion allowing you to purchase a 2015 season pass for just £38 each. The aim of this promotion is to raise enough funds to purchase one (or more) of the following;

A 16 seater 4D cinema (project cost approximately £175,000)
An all singing, all dancing go kart track (project cost approximately £190,000)
A family water ride (project cost tbc but in the region of £800,000)
So for just £38 each you can enjoy unlimited access to Pleasure Island during the 2015 season. As a further bonus for those who did not purchase a 2014 season pass, we will allow you to use the pass throughout October (October 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 26th and 29th 2014). The passes go on sale from SEPTEMBER 20th – OCTOBER 3rd 2014. They can be purchased by either calling our sales team on 0844 5040104 (ext 221) or by visiting the office (open from 10.30am – 5pm daily throughout the promotion time). Season passes will return to the normal rate of £65 each following the end of the promotion.

The minimum number of passes we need to sell is 4600 which I am sure we can achieve. IMPORTANT NOTICE; PLEASE NOTE THAT IF WE DO NOT SELL THE MINIMUM AMOUNT REQUIRED WE WILL RETURN ALL FUNDS AS SOON AS THE PROMOTION HAS FINISHED – IE OCTOBER 4th 2014. YOU WILL THEN BE ABLE TO PURCHASE THE 2015 SEASON PASSES AT THE NORMAL RATE OF £65 SHOULD YOU WISH. This offer is available to anyone hence the more people you tell about this the more chance we have of achieving our goal so please spread the word on facebook and twitter or when you are simply talking to friends. Join us on facebook to find out how the promotion is going (facebook.com/dewarsaville).

If we do not achieve the 4600 required then don’t worry there will still be new additions to Pleasure Island for the 2015 season which kicks off on March 29th 2015. Again, join us on facebook to find out what’s new for the coming season.

Just one final thing, please note that Pleasure Island will only be holding one firework display this year instead of the usual two so we strongly advise the early purchase of the tickets as the Saturday night is usually a sell out. The Firework Extravaganza will be held on Saturday November 1st this year. Firework only tickets are £3.50 each with optional ride wristbands available at £8 and £10. To purchase your tickets call 0844 5040104 (extension 221) or visit our main reception.

If the season pass promotion is not of interest then please find attached a voucher to visit Pleasure Island at some point during the remainder of the 2014 season (please check for opening times) for just £12 per person (one voucher covers up to 4 people).

Kind regards,

Melanie Wood